NEET 2018

CBSE Class XII Result

CBSE Class X Result

JEE- Mains Cleared

“Learning to Learn”

“Learning to Learn” is an inherent part of the school culture. Our students are encouraged to think, analyze and question things before they understand. In the process, we make learning an enjoyable experience

Extra-Curricular activities

An Array of Extra-Curricular activities.

Well-rounded development

”Mere Book is no education” Achyutans are given a number of opportunities to evolve and groom themselves. A number of competitions and contests are conducted in the school to nurture the potential in each student.

State-of-the-art infrastructure

A sherene campus over 11 acres in the heart of the town

One of the biggest indoor sports stadium in Tamil Nadu

Indoor sports stadium with two basketball courts, two volleyball courts, Four shuttle badminton courts.

Top-Notch JEE/NEET Coaching

We are proud to house one of the best coaching programmes in the state for students aspiring to clear JEE-Mains/JEE-Advanced and NEET



100% Result in 12th STD 2018 Batch

6 out of 27 Students scored above 400

Chemistry 99/100
Biology 98/100
English 96/100
Physcis 95/100
Mathematics 95/100
Computer Science 97/100

Annual Sports Day

The finale for days of hectic practice had arrived with a bang! It was Annual Sports Day at Achyuta Public School on August 19, 2017.The guests, family, friends waited with palpable excitement as the participants...

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Ramadan Celebrations

Achyuta always stands first and tall in meeting up with festival bonanzas, irrespective of caste, creed and religion. It was a greatest event this time, for all with pious songs, short skits and moralistic religious messages from two high graded Imaams. ...

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Art n’ Science Expo ‘16

On the auspicious day of Saraswati Puja, the students and faculty of School of management, Achyuta ublic School, came together to seek the blessings of the goddess of knowledge, music, art and culture. ...

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Upcoming Events

Jan 2018 Annual Day

Feb 2018 Prize Day

Apr 2018 Annual Day

Jun 2018 School

Learning should be an enjoyable never ending process.In recent times,too much importance is given to marks and grades that more often than not students do not experience the joy of learning.“Learning to Learn” is an inherent part of the school culture in Achyuta.I with my wonderful team of teachers strive to teach students by creating curiosity. In the process, we believe we make a lasting impression in the minds of students in whatever they learn.

“A sound mind cannot be sound unless it resides in a sound body”.We are proud to have some of the best facilities for sports and games in the whole of Tamil Nadu. Achyutans are given ample opportunities to participate in sport and games.With dedicated instructors for individual games,we ensure our students are trained the proper way.

“Mere Book is no Education”.We firmly believe schooling is not just learning through books.Therefore,our Achyutans are given a plethora of activities to cultivate leadership ,social & communication skills.An array of extracurricular activities and events are promoted in the school.This provides a tremendous platform for the children to groom their soft skills and improve their confidence levels.

"Learning to Learn",good physique,excellent soft skills-This summarises what we do at Achyuta.